Jarilo-VI Hidden Achievements Guide

Jarilo VI 1

This post is a hidden achievement collection guide in Jarilo-VI, with a total of 17 achievements. Some of them are included in the Shield collection, so if you want to collect them all, make sure to check out both posts.

This guide was originally created by Melloona, please make sure to check their YouTube Channel.

Don’t You Dare Waste It

District: Investigate the trash can to get Jim Roger Bread Soda.

Lā Lá Lă Là Land

District: Talk to Tamila to get the achievement, and there is also a disk “Embers”.

The Kelly Gang

District: Come to the fountain and choose to fish for the treasure. Consume 1 Praise of High Morals for fishing to get the achievement. You can fish a total of 5 times.

Twinkly, Winkly

District: Need to obtain 3 Ancient Coins. You can obtain one by fishing at the fountain for the fifth time and get the second one by investigating the trash can as shown in the picture below. The last one can be obtained by breaking any destructible objects in Jarilo-VI.

Diogenes’ Utopia

District: Investigate all the trash cans; there are a total of 19.


Boulder Town: Talk to Maxime to obtain the recipe for the Vomit Inducing Agent, then craft the Vomit Inducing Agent and use it on a character.

Natural Immunity

Boulder Town: Talk to Gertie, and choose the following options: chat → what dishes → Rat Jelly. This gives the recipe for the Yucky Fried Rice and the achievement.

Winter City Trap

Robot Settlement: Talk to Eunice to obtain the achievement.

Trashy Humor

Use trash to synthesize consumables 10 times. Recommend crafting Yucky Fried Rice or Punitive Energy, each time only requiring the consumption of 1 trash.